We often come to experience our own potential through a sense of being held back. There’s a feeling of frustration telling us we could do and be more. We could be:

If this feeling grows strong enough, or our manager or partner nudges us hard enough, we might decide to change. Perhaps we go through consultants and therapists, read management and self-help books and even try climbing out of our own skins and adopting a new personality! But often the feeling remains, that something is holding us back.

What is that mysterious obstacle?

Each of us has a unique perception of reality, and a unique style of engaging with it. We recreate our own worlds constantly through habitual ways of thinking, acting and communicating. When we experience frustration, it’s often our vision of possibility driving us forward, while our habits are holding us back. So how is it possible ever to find our way out?

What lights up the path is the ordinary, everyday magic of perception and intent. As human beings, we have the innate ability to notice what we are doing and work with our perceptions and will to take another path. By creating new ways of seeing we create new actions, and, committing to those over time, we discover more focused, more engaged ways of being in our complex world.

We can do this heavy handedly, with a lot of judgment and struggle, or we can approach change creatively, with a playful sense of humor and imagination. Maintaining such a positive attitude toward change is only possible when we have support.

And that’s the role I play as your coach: opening up new ways of seeing and acting. I support you with humor and care as you create new paths and new possibilities, and move intentionally into a more effective and fulfilled future.

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