Skills Development Workshop

This workshop takes place in a day and an hour: a full day of training for six participants, followed a few days later by an hour of coaching for each. It addresses two issues vital to selling high level ideas and strategies:

Delivering creative and strategy presentations to prospective and existing clients, where presenters must represent the firm’s ideas and proposals with focus, passion, mature presence and clarity of strategic direction;

Building relationships with existing and potential customers or clients, to create a strong sense of partnership between the firm’s representatives and the clients’ ultimate business goals.

The Skills Development Workshop stresses making a positive connection through energetic presence and physical/emotional grounding, and crafting a clear, memorable message. It offers fresh approaches to presentation design and preparation, especially under the time pressures of a busy firm. Participants, at any level of experience, build presence and confidence, and advance the skills of presentation design to a new level. Participants will:

  • Overcome fear and develop authentic presence
  • Learn to design for impact and outcome
  • Learn to demonstrate business savvy through storytelling
  • Develop personal strengths through a clear plan of action

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Team Presentation Workshop

Presenting in a team is like running a relay race. To be successful, every speaker, whatever his or her personal style, must join in with energy, commitment and a desire to make the whole team shine. This workshop is custom-designed to address the challenges of effective team presentation. Typical workshop topics are:

  • Working together in a range of styles
  • Working to fulfill a common purpose
  • Crafting a coordinated message
  • Designing powerful transitions
  • Team story-telling

Duration of the workshop varies, depending on organizational goals.

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