People become excellent communicators when they develop the confidence that allows them to be fully present and authentic. When you are relaxed, centered and passionately committed to clear objectives, listeners engage, and a real exchange of energy and ideas can take place. This is true whether you’re in one-on-one conversation with a client or delivering a keynote presentation to hundreds. Confidence is developed through focused practice of core skills, and through supportive, insightful feedback.

Presentation Skills
One day, plus one hour of private coaching for each participant

For new hires or people taking on new responsibilities, a lively, interactive program including:

  • Skills building: imaginative engagement, voice, body language, energy, presence
  • Audience research, design and organization
  • One-on-one coaching

This basic program is designed to build confidence and get participants in touch with their unique strengths and creativity as presenters. Participants are video taped, and receive both instructor and peer feedback. click here for Workshops

Advanced Training
One day, plus at least one half-day group practice session

For experienced presenters and project teams, learning and practice in:

  • Presentation development and team presenting
  • Selling strategies: the power of metaphor, story and image
  • Reframing client perceptions: removing roadblocks to productive client interactions

These programs are customizable. They are designed to introduce new skills and to give participants an opportunity to practice. All build skills involved in winning new clients, or working with existing client relationships. Video feedback is optional. click here for Workshops

Consulting and Coaching
At all competency levels, I offer consultation or longer-term one-on-one and team coaching in:

  • Skills building: client interactions, negotiating, selling
  • Clearing away obstacles to creativity, productivity and communication.
  • Working with specific speeches or presentations