We live in a world in perpetual flux. The pace of life and demands of career and workplace on each of us, and on our families and relationships, force us to new and seemingly impossible levels of adaptability. We try to balance the needs of others—children, partners, elders, our community—with our own desire for fulfillment. But we often find ourselves held back by old ways of doing and being.

If this sounds familiar, it might be time to step out of those habitual circles, look at yourself with new eyes, and tap into a new source of energy.

Coaching lights the fire that fuels masterful living.

Life Coaching is particularly valuable in:

  • Working with yourself in new ways: job, money, self-care
  • Going through transitions: change, loss, big decisions
  • Taking on new work or mastering new skills
  • Entering, or ending, relationships
  • Discovering what you really want to do or be

Through Integral Coaching, I work with a powerful, action-oriented method, supporting you toward your own clearly defined outcomes. I offer positive, pragmatic insight, clear direction, consistency and accountability as you master new territory. I become the trusted partner who travels with you toward your goals.

You become more aware,
No longer held back by old habits.

You become more intentional,
Moving through blocks to clarity and action.

You’re supported in making change,
Opening to new ways of thinking, feeling and engaging with others.

You integrate all aspects of life.